Two-winged line suspension insulators are close in characteristics to the anti-fog insulators, but edges ejection on the side allows efficient cleaning of the surface during strong winds. The insulator has proven itself in areas with industrial pollution and saline soils.

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Two-winged line suspension insulators are designed specifically for insulating and fixing the cables (wires) on transmission lines, substations with a high voltage level, as well as on open switchgears. 

PSD 70 insulator is well suited for operation in areas with high saline soil and in places with high level of industrial pollution.

When designating an insulator with a letter “E”, the manufacturer designates modification index and indirectly characterizes the year of manufacture. In this case, such insulators as PSD-70 -A, -B, -V, -G, -D are currently obsolete and are no longer manufactured. The current name of such insulator is PSD-70E. Specifications are such that due to a special design (edge ​​ejection) it is possible for surface to effectively clean itself during strong winds.

Insulator type Mechanical breaking force, kN, not less than Glass shed diameter (D), mm Building height, mm Creepage distance, mm Weight, kg Withstand voltage, kV, not less than
impulse 50 Hz, wet radio interference
PSD 70Е 70 270 127 411 4.6 110 45 25

Possible variants of designation: PSD-70E, PSD/70/E, PSD-70-E, PSD 70 E, PSD 70-E, PSD 70E

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