High Voltage Vertical Break Type Type Disconnectors

Multi functional design Seperate operatingmechanism Strong structure
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Design and drive
Steel chasis
The Vertical type disconnector (EDV)’s chassis are made of steel. Rotating feet on the chassis carries operating insulators for the 72.5 kV disconnectors and over.( For the 52 kV rated voltage disconnectors and less, use
operating rod and support insulators ) Each phase comprise 2 fix insulator connected to chasis at both side
and one moving operating insulator connected to rotating feet at the end. Support insulators carry current arms and fixed contact.

Protected against hard atmospherical effects

Current arms are manufactured from aluminum alloy profiles (For 52 kV and less, current arms and fix contacts are manufactured from electrolytic copper). If required, disconnector can be equipped with an earthing unit. The earthing unit has a separate operating mechanism. All parts have been permanently lubricated and designed to have maintenance free disconnectors. The steel components are hot-dip galvanized to protect from atmospherical effects. The connection terminals are placed at both sides of the support insulators. During the closing process, disconnector arm moves to down first and when reach to the contact level, it goes into contact through moving along its axis for the disconnectors over 72.5 kV; thus ensure high safety and additional lock against external effects.
Less distance between phases
Vertical type breaking system require less distance between the phases. The operating mechanism is put inside a box that is made from aluminum alloy or stainles steel (Up to IP65).

Adjustable control system
The disconnector can be delivered as manual or motor controlled. Three poles of disconnector and earthing unit could be activated by only one driving mechanism (up to 170 kV). Adjustment is possible through the connection levers placed in between the poles. There is a mechanical and electrical interlocking facility between the disconnector and earthing units thus, earthing contacts can not be closed when the disconnector is in “closed position”.
High safety to external factors
Disconnector and earthing unit are operated with an individual operating mechanism. The motion transmitted from the operating mechanism trough the operating insulator isimmediatelytransferred to the other phases by the cross levers and ensures simultaneous drive of all three phases.Current arms rotate through operating insulator and rise to upward in open position. By the means of adjustable lengths of motion transmission pipes between the phases, 3 phases’ motion can be adjusted accurately. The stoppers restrict
the motion at required position. Mechanism system ensures mechanical lock in open and closed position. This provides safe operation against external factors, such as short circuit forces, winds, and earthquake. Ice-layers that form because of the bad weather conditions can be broken easily by opening and closing forces of current arms thus opening and closing operation are executed.
The main circuit connections are placed on the post insulators at both sides. It is suitable for connecting bus bar with 4 bolts other type of connection means are possible.

EDV 72 and over

EDV 52 and less

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