IPPU polymer through insulators are designed for isolation and connection of live parts of closed switchgears with open switchgears or transmission lines. Through insulators can operate in installations at temperatures ranging from -60 to +50C and at installation altitude of not more than 1000 m above sea level.
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High resistance to atmospheric and industrial pollution, acids and alkalis, ultraviolet irradiation, trekking, electrical erosion, acts of vandalism, personnel errors. An advantage of IPPU polymer through insulators is the lack of fragility and resistance to dynamic impact influences, for example under short circuit voltages, stable function under heavy pollution conditions. The company is able to supply through insulators manufactured with Customers given flange fitting dimensions.

Specifications IPPU

-35/400-8 UHL1

Rated voltage, kV 35
Maximum working voltage, kV 40.5
Full lightning impulse test voltage, kV 190
50% discharge voltage of industrial frequency in the contaminated and humidified state, kV 42
– for specified surface conductivity of polluted layer, µS 30
Minimal bending strength, kN 8
Rated current, А 400
Minimal creepage distance, cm 130
The highest peak of the rated short-term withstand current (current of the electrodynamic stability), kA 16
Buses fitting dimensions, mm 45х4


Insulator flange fitting dimensions, mm 200х200,



Weight, not more than, kg 19
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