Get to know our most famous and most esteemed product range: RODURFLEX comprises insulators for station post insulators with various end fitting hardware configurations.
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Since 1967, LAPP Insulators produces the RODURFLEX brand insulator in accordance with a patented production method. The most striking feature of the RODURFLEX insulators is their flexibility with regard to design options and voltage levels, because their underlying modular system permits a wide range of variations.


  • Voltage level: <1kV – 550 kV
  • Maximum rod diameter: 101.2 mm (4″) up to 50 kNm
  • Flexible leakage path up to 2.16” / kV
  • DIN, IEC and ANSI flange designs


Production method

  • Modular system with slide-on assembly
  • HTV silicone rubber, generation III
  • FRP rod
  • Metastable silicone seal
  • Special shed profiles for all contamination categories
  • Patented under-rib design of the sheds

Manufactured in accordance with the standards

  • IEC 62231
  • ANSI C29.19
  • ANSI C29.9

Use in industry-specific solutions
  • Device and plant construction, e.g. busbar supports
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