Rodurflex® polymer insulators

Rodurflex® polymer insulators imply high-tech materials (vulcanized silicone, made according to the unique patented technology), high quality and reliability (polymer insulators have been manufactured since 1967 with no premature failure during the entire manufacturing period), durability (60 years of service life), ease of operation.

Company “ELECTROFARFOR 2000” with its partner LAPP (Germany), the world manufacturer and parent of polymer insulators, offers polymer insulators, manufactured under Rodurflex® technology.

The product line of LAPP polymer insulators covers 110-1100 kV voltage range.

Advantages of Rodurflex® polymer insulators are as follows:

  • Rodurflex® polymer insulator manufacture:

All component parts of insulators are manufactured at LAPP in-house facilities (Germany), the manufacturing flexibility allows to make insulators of any configuration and to each project requirements.

  • Rodurflex® manufacturing technology:

The solid high-strength fibreglass rod is coated with hot silicone, thus, providing coaxiality (the rod alignment inside silicone housing); absence of the casting seam unlike the silicone casting technology used by other manufacturers; high-temperature vulcanization assures high molecular bond of all insulator elements, thus, eliminating the possibility silicone separation from the fibreglass rod and increasing  its service life and reliability; sealing ­– the insulator flanges are sealed with a special patented sealant requiring no maintenance over the entire service life (insulator corrosion prevention)

  • Service life:

Rodurflex® implies a high hydrophobic level (98%), thus, preventing insulation from pollution (complete mud protection, as a result, insulators do not suffer “mud ruptures” and may remain in service for many decades; a special silicone composition protects from bird pecking, they are resistant to acts of vandalism, fire resistant, explosion-proof and absolutely safe in service.

  • Installation and maintenance:

Rodurflex® implies fast and simple installation due to low weight and no periodic maintenance.

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