Surge arresters (SA), manufactured by Tridelta Meidensha GmbH world manufacturing plant

Company “ELEСTROFARFOR 2000” offers polymer (SBKC and SBK) and porcelain (SB) surge arresters (SA), manufactured by Tridelta Meidensha GmbH world manufacturing plant (Germany). SA serve for protection of outdoor equipment like transformers, electric motors, generators and types of equipment from lightning and switching surge. Our products are specially designed for operation in all environment conditions of the world.

The SA product line covers 10-800 kV voltage range.

Metaloxide varistors (MOV) act as the “heart” of SA. They determine electrical properties and protection function of surge arresters. Since 2015 Tridelta has become a part of Meidensha corporation (Japan) being the first in the world to have developed the concept of MOV application for surge protection 40 years ago.

SA advantages are as follows:

1) three different design types of polymer covers to meet up-to-date and highest specifications:

— a solid core design ensures mechanical stability of reinforced glass fibre pre-assembled units

— a cage design, consisting of MOV units stack, surrounded by corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced plastic rods fixed to terminals by means of a wedge clamp patented system

— a tube design with a corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced plastic tube ensures the maximum mechanical strength and meets the highest mechanical  requirements

2) high performance standards in polluted conditions

3) resistance to tracking erosion and ultraviolet radiation

4) fire resistance and self-protection against burning

5) preservation of hydrophobic properties over the complete service life

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